legislature's award

The Alaska Legislature proclaims Harold Groetsema
Barbecue King of Alaska

The Twenty-fourth Alaska State Legislature offers its congratulations to Harold Groetsema, the Barbecue King of Alaska, on his seventh-place ranking in the Jack Daniel's World Invitational Championship Barbecue in Linchburg, Tennessee.

winning the jackpot

Winning the Jack

Harold Groetsema, a long-time Fairbanks resident, was a loyal customer at Charlie T's, a once prosperous restaurant in Fairbanks for many years, before finally deciding to turn his passion for Barbecuing into more than a simple hobby. He went into business and opened Big Daddy's BarB-Q and Banquet Hall.

The rest is history. Harold may have been bitten by the BBQ bug as a consumer, but has since learned everything he can about his art and has perfected his craft. Now whenever Harold goes on vacation, Barbecue is the theme, sampling sauces and spare ribs from around the country to bring to Alaska the "Northernmost Southern Barbecue." Big Daddy's BarB-Q has been providing satisfaction and solace to hungry Alaskans, seeking the best BBQ in town, for four years.

groetsema's team

The award winning Big Daddy's team at the Jack Daniel's Invitational World Championship in Lynchburg Tennessee.

Left to right:
Dale and Harold Groetsema, the cooks.
Wesley, Ron and Ed Groetsema, the suport team.

Being there was an honor, winning there was even better.

After winning multiple awards and accolades in Alaska, Harold wanted to make his mark on a larger audience. He has long heard about the kings of the renowned Jack Daniel's World Invitational Championship Barbecue, held annually in Tennessee and knew that this would be his Goliath.

Sixty-six teams from around the world were present at the invitation-only event. Each team had to win state or national cookoffs to qualify.

The Big Daddy's team, which included Harold's brother Dale as co-cook, proudly carried the Alaska flag during the parade, while wearing plastic moose racks on their heads.

Harold's moment of glory took place during the sauce competition, when he doctored his mouthwatering, homemade mustard sauce with two shots of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

Harold Groetsema and Big Daddy's BarB-Q were deservingly recognized as one of the best of the best at "The Jack", and have brought back to Alaska a stronger sense of pride by proving that the Last Frontier is a force to be reckoned with.

Harold is already prepping for the next annual "Jack" competition by perfecting his sauces and working on his skills with his new charcoal smoker he keeps in the kitchen of his restaurant.

The members of the Twenty-fourth Alaska State Legislature proudly raise our Jack Daniel's mustard sauce covered hands in salute to Harold Groetsema and his contribution to keeping Alaskans satisfied and well fed, and we wish him the best of luck in future competitions.

John Harris Speaker of the House

Ben Stevens President of the Senate

David Guttenberg Prime Sponsor